18 August, 2014

Baby Boomers Security. Part 1.

Old men don’t fight; they just kill you. We know this to be true as the news, always dreadful when it comes to the state …

9 June, 2014

Security and Authority.

A few years ago Martinique was plagued by social disturbances. I was living in a small town on the East coast and most of the …

27 May, 2014
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Look where you want to go.

It is a well known rule of riding, or driving, as those who make the mistake to look at the obstacle or wherever they do …

8 April, 2014
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Make sure you have a multi level security.

Multi level security. Or the failings of the permanent security manager or bodyguard. Let’s first draw a parallel with medical care with the latest example …

29 March, 2014

Fool me once; shame on me.

May there be no surprise… about your security. Surprise is a killer. Alfred de Vigny’s famous poem “The Wolf’s Death” is about stoicism. Yet the …


Death of the Wolf.

Death of the wolf. Written in French by Alfred de Vigny, (1797- 1863) This poem is only meant to illustrate the post on “Surprise” where …

29 October, 2013

To have or to be in the world of security.

A great many concerned citizens have bought emergency equipment, firearms and ammunition. Some others have even made contingency plans would the principle of law give …

22 October, 2013

Why Surrender is Never an Option

Why Surrender Is Never an Option Posted by Larry Mudgett on Jan 9th, 2012 The first phase of surrender is failing to be armed, trained …