portraitPatrick Estebe offers an unconventional approach to security issues.  He has created a Multidimensional Security System based on insight and creativity, which allows him to organize individuals and teams capable of handling a wide range of acute situations.  These situations include crucial VIP security, critical defense of airports, seaports and megayachts.

As a Captain in the French Marines then Inspector in the Intelligence Service (in charge of counter-terrorism units), Patrick Estebe had the opportunity to experience the power and limitations of a linear approach to security.

While voyaging on his ketch, he envisioned a more intuitive approach to security and finally developed his Multidimensional Security System®.  At that time, well before the days of the ISPS, the port of Fort de France, Martinique recognized the superiority of this approach and charged him to organize its security.

Later, in addition to the training of over 500 enthusiastic crewmembers on numerous yachts around the world, Patrick Estebe has personally escorted yachts and/or their owners in varied places such as the Amazon, the Caribbean, the South China Sea and the Malacca Straights, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

At the head of AFFAIRACTION CORPORATION – a security consulting firm- since 1988, Patrick Estebe has consulted with port authorities, airports, oil refineries, government agencies, local governments, architects and naval architects, high profile personalities, owners and captains.  Patrick Estebe has directed and coordinated high sensitive cases, including kidnapping cases in the Caribbean and South America.  He has performed successful investigations and searches for missing persons in Africa and South America.